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This was sooooooo meant for me

I can not put into words how i feel when I look out a window at night and I think this might happen<<<<----this is also why I am petrified of thunder storms. I'm scared I'll look out of the window when the lightning flashes and I'll see a face


This must be a terrible feeling. But you just keep arguing for that thing, and hope that you convince them, then you are both wrong.

Yes!! This is soooooo true I'll  text my sister in the store when I couldn't find her and then I'll find her and be like" WHY DIDN'T YOU TEXT ME?!??!? I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!" and then she says "I don't have Wi-Fi" and then I just look dumb!

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is a sudden attack of exaggerated anxiety and fear. Often, attacks happen without warning and without any apparent

Omfg yes

story of my freaking life. old people tell me I'm cute all the time.

Teenagers aren't the only people who do this

Teenager post wow I thought I was alone in this lol. then I start tying them together. Ditto <--------- haha I start grass wars with my friends!<<<< When i played soccer i used to make nests for my soccer ball

There's always someone like this probably -.-

the girl you always want to just punch in the face because even her presence annoys you.= my sister

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Teenager post: when you're in bed and you can't sleep so you just lay there making mental movies of perfect scenarios in life