Norman Rockwell "Willie Gillis Home Sweet Home" (1941)

Saturday Evening Post - "Willie Gillis Home on Leave" (Norman Rockwell).I have this one framed in my hallway with the rest of the Willie Gillis series.

Norman Rockwell did lots of covers for The Saturday Evening Post

A gas station attendant fills up his customer's gas tank in this image from a 1937 edition of "The Saturday Evening Post". Fill ‘er Up by McCauley Conner

"Making friends" or "Raleigh Rockwell" Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 28, 1929

"Making Friends" or "Raleigh Rockwell" Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 28,1929

Norman Rockwell - "Making Friends" or "Raleigh Rockwell" - September cover of The Saturday Evening Post

Norman Rockwell "Back to Civies" (1945)

Norman Rockwell's Timeless Paintings (21 total)

Back to Civvies, Norman Rockwell, The Saturday Evening Post, December 1945 Back to Civvies shows a World War II Flying Fortress pilot in the bedroom where he grew up. Rockwell chose props that say.

Remembering Pearl Harbor with Joan Jensen: "I remember very well where I was when Pearl Harbor was struck by Japan! I was in church at Memorial Presbyterian in Cherokee, Indiana. I was born and raised in that nice Midwest town. Our immediate concern was for my brother and his best friend who both attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Due to the tragedy, the cadets were pushed through in three years instead of four. They served on the battleship North Carolina."

Imperfect Fit, December Giclee Print by Norman Rockwell - - at first, I thought it was just a kid growing out of his clothes - then I looked closer - kinda cool

classic Norman Rockwell, 1967

Papergreat: Selections from the 1967 Top Value Stamps catalog - Illustrated by Norman Rockwell

1953 ... Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell by x-ray delta one,

Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell This used to be outside the principal's office in elementary school.

Illustrations Vintage N.Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis New-Year's Eve painting, oil on canvas & frame; Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis New-Year's Eve is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.