Safet Zec(Bosnian, b.1943)

Safet Zec, (Bosnian artist, title unknown [unkempt bed], medium possibly graphite or charcoal. "Study in value, amazingly rendered!

Pintura de una cama y sábanas arrugadas

Velika izložba Safeta Zeca u venecijanskom muzeju Correr

Safet Zec

Bosnian painter and engraver Safet Zec was born in Rogatica, Bosnia-Herzegovina. After completing Art High School in Sarajevo, he continued his studies in Belgrade where he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in

Safet Zec: I'm guessing soft ground...

Safet Zec, (Bosnian artist, [drapery over chair]. "Drapery is one of the most difficult of things to draw, incorporating light and shadow.