Owenfinal, by Hawkprey

Once the proud defenders of law and justice, the Vindatus have been reduced to mere bounty-hunters, applying their magic and cunning to the highest bidder.

The 4 Horseman: War and Ruin

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The lady in the fog by Yann Thoyer on 500px

The lady in the fog by Yann Thoyer

Armor-clad wench by Diego Indracollo.

Fae Armour (Headdress & Winged Harness designed and made by Rob Goodwin Costume Design: David Bamber Photographer: Diego Indraccolo Ballerina: Ksenia Ovsyanick)

dota art - Recherche Google

A special tribute to all League of Legends fans with the art of Ku Se, an artist working at Riot Games