Word porn

Thats mr I cant trust people. I have put my trust in people who have failed me who lied to me. very afraid of trusting anyone


I am terrible at finishing books, tv shows, etc. Books, I read till the last chapter or leave the last book in the series unread.

Words that don’t exist for feelings that do. Submissions to The Emotionary take words and mash them together to help vocalize intangible emotions.

13 Words That Should Immediately Be Added To The Dictionary

) the inability to leave something as is; perpetual dissatisfaction with a "finished" product.

Beautiful Things, Knowledge, Twitter, Conversation, Fun Words, Pretty Girls, Author, Poetry, Cute Girls

Noceur....me,in other words !  Lol l

one who sleeps late or not at all; or, one who stays out late to revel or party

The sad truth about me anhedonia

Well, that's not even sadness, this is just the feeling that everything is worthless, why keep trying, when you already tried so hard and lost your mind in the process.