Lady Diana Spencer

Lady Diana Spencer - both of her grandmothers had served as ladies in waiting to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Lady Diana Spencer , - 17 Septembre 1980 _ Suite

17 sept Diana when she was still a teacher at the Young England Kindergarten in London’s Pimlico district

Princess Diana 1987

June 2 1997 Diana at Christie's Auction House in St. James Park in London for a private viewing and reception in aid of the AIDS Crisis Trust and the Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund

May 15, 1982--

May Princess Diana at a polo game at Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire.

Princess Diana - 1981

"Young and bashful: In 27 March newly engaged Lady Diana visited the police station and met policemen who will guard her future country home at Highgrove, in Gloucestershire

She was only there for half an hour, she left with Lady Romsey (Penny Knatchbull)when she became upset and tearful. She was suppose to have presented the prize to the winning team, Prince Charles blamed the press intrusion for her tears, but who knows for sure? Maybe it was HIM that made her cry!

Princess Diana: Her Life In Pictures

Lady Diana Spencer watches Prince Charles play polo at Tidworth during their engagement. The wedding is four days later, July 1981

Pretty in every way

1981 Lady Diana Spencer before the wedding. People forget just how young she was. Engaged at married at a baby just before turning And all the responsibility ahead.

Lady Diana

11 nov 1980 Lady Diana Spencer, her simple girlish style was typical of her set, only Diana bought a sense of charm and colour to any outfit she wore.

Lady Diana Spencer

Baby-faced Lady Diana Spencer, is photographed at the London nursery school where she worked before becoming a princess. Photo by: Tim Graham/Getty Images

July 25, 1981: Lady Diana Spencer watches Prince Charles play polo at Tidworth.

Lady Diana Spencer , Polo , Berkshire - 25 Juillet 1981 _ Suite

1980~~ Our first glimpse of Lady Diana Frances Spencer.  Beautiful, shy and so adorable, the world fell in love with her.

September Lady Diana Spencer at Young England Kindergarten, Pimlico, Knightsbridge, London.


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QUICK FACT: Princess Diana When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles she was given the title and style Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana of Wales. However once the divorce was finalised she lost.