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Richard Ramirez, serial killer

Richard Ramirez, serial killer known for his Satan worship, extremely violent assaults on anyone who happened to be in the homes he entered and his foul breath caused by rotten teeth. A real dream date.

Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment sealed off by police.  The whole apartment complex was later torn down.

Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment: “As they walked down the blue-carpeted hallway on the second floor of the apartment building, the officers became starkly aware of an awful, putrid stench that grew stronger with each step that took them closer to apartment

Richard Ramirez Polaroid taken on death row signed – Supernaught

Richard Ramirez serial killer dubbed the Night Stalker. Died of cancer at the age of 53 on June 2013 while awaiting execution on California's death row.

15 year old Richard Ramirez. He looked so innocent. Who would of thought he was gonna be a serial killer

Ricky Ramirez looking strikingly young and innocent.

Richard Ramirez turns everything Satanic; uh oh, Bobby.

Richard Ramirez turns everything Satanic;that boy ain't right