The staircase gives me life

How did today's society stray from this beautiful architecture? Elegant, beautiful & mysterious at once. True, i would love to have my wedding here or mabey photos

main staircase of Old Hall, England

The Grand Staircase by Dave Warren The Main staircase in the Old Hall, England ~ I want to steal this wood.

What a beautiful place this must have been in its prime. It's a different kind of beauty, now.

This is an abandoned manor house in England. To see this once grand beauty slowly decaying is so sad. Look at the tremendous carved oak banister, tall casement windows, and domed ceiling window. I'd love to move in and restore it this is beautiful

częstochowa, poland's abandoned train depot - Google Search

“Step in, break through, take the stairs to the stars” -Samael Photo: stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland; Warm Shadows by Pati Makowska on

Stone and marble stairway

lamaisongray: (via Pinterest) - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Abandoned Chateau des Singes - France (how can this beautiful house be abandoned? love the staircase!

Spiraling staircase

Spiraling staircase


Awesome Dragon Railing by Giuseppe Celeprin The perfect staircase for a dragon's house

broken down mansion (where Gen/Gianni met Adelaide?)

Thomas Jorion Forgotten Palaces: A villa lies abandoned in the north of Italy, its once-grand staircase reduced to rubble