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look at that road its real 1995 Kobe earthquake, Japan. The 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake commonly referred to as the Kobe earthquake, Collapsed Hanshin Expressway .

Intricate highway - Dallas, USA

Dallas highways engineering marvel - unless you're driving there! Is this an actual photo of the highways in Dallas?

Da troof

Film vs Book comparison using iceberg. And this is why I have usually read the book you are talking about but rarely have seen or even heard there was a movie based on it.

23 photos sublimes que même Photoshop ne saurait reproduire : Vol.2

Bicycle in tree.On Vashon Island (near Seattle), a tree has a very unusual passenger. As the story goes, a boy went to war in 1914 and left his bike chained to a tree. The tree ate the bike and it remains to this day.

"The reason people think they are [only] heads is there are about 150 statues buried up to the shoulders on the slope of a volcano, and these are the most famous, most beautiful and most photographed of all the Easter Island statues," Van Tilburg, who is

Red Sands Sea Forts - Sealand, United Kingdom- The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth Just Might Give You Chills.

Worn Out Souls: A Story of Synchronicity


A huge boulder detached during a landslide in Ronchi di Termeno in Northern Italy on Jan. The boulder missed a farmhouse but destroyed the barn and stopped in the vineyard.


Jason Decaires Taylor Underwater sculptures , in Grenada, in honor of African Ancestors who were thrown overboard the slave ships during the Middle Passage of the African Holocaust

Vous aurez du mal à y croire mais ces 29 photos sont pourtant véridiques (page 4)

Jun 2010 – Spurred by tropical storm Agatha, the sinkhole swallowed a three-story building in Guatemala

Aberfan - 21/10/66

Mining town of Aberfan, Wales. In an incredible landslide composed of excavated rock/ slag/ other mining debris killed 144 people, including 116 children. It was one of the first tragedies in Britain that was nationally televised

Funny pictures about Silly Earth. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Earth. Also, Silly Earth.


~The Cherokee Medicine Wheel, a beginning~ ~By walking the path of the Medicine Wheel, we open ourselves to spiritual growth of the highest order.

lifeisverybeautiful: Cherry Blossom, Takato Castle Ruins Park, Nagano, Japan via 幻鏡 PHOTOHITO