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Nordstrom 'Secret Key' Pillow Cover - who knew Nordstrom had such cute home decor stuff?

Key to 1st home with map of town behind it in frame

Framed key of first home together.I still have the key from the house on Glisson. Although, we just rented it's still our first home together :)

EE Cummings, Sun Moon Stars Quote, Love Throw Pillow by ShadeTree Photography

EE Cummings Quote Pillow Cover Inspiring Words My Sun, Moon, Stars Celestial Love Typography Inspirational Quote, Home Decor Bedroom Decor

Skeleton Key Wall Clock ... I'm obsessed ... I do have 2 skeleton key tatts so this shouldn't be shocking ...

New White Chipped Paint Skeleton Key Wall Clock 21" Home Decor Vintage Shabby

It's Not a Mess Grey Throw Pillow. This belongs on my bed. My room looks like the tornado came looking for Dorothy and ransacked it, in its search.

It's Not a Mess Grey Throw Pillow, this has my other half written all over it haha

Alice In Wonderland, "You're Mad. Bonkers" Throw Pillow Cover, Alice in Wonderland Quote Decorative Pillow, Typography, Home Decor, Gift on Etsy, $38.00

Alice In Wonderland Throw Pillow Cover "You're Mad. Bonkers" Alice in Wonderland Quote Pillow Wonderland Decorative Pillow Home Decor Gift