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Shoutout to the boys who offer their cologne scented hoodies

Omg my best friend (guy) does this for me and ill where his hoodie all day and it will smell like him. And wgen i wear it people always asume we are dating cause in wearing his hoodie.

Boy: " Here have my jacket!"  *Jacket smells heavenly*  Me: "I'll be taking this!"  *Runs away*

Someone from Hereford, England, GB posted a whisper, which reads "Boy: " Here have my jacket!" *Jacket smells heavenly* Me: "I'll be taking this!" *Runs away*"

Oml this is the cutest thing I love how perfectly Disney gets this every girl wants to be looked at like this little do they know they just aren't paying attention when they are

If there is one thing on this earth that I feel passionately enough about to spend the rest of my life thinking, talking, and writing about, it is the concept of Relationship Goals. You know, those pictures and illustrations of conventionally attractive, heterosexual cis couples that one is supposed to see, take note of their apparent attractiveness, heterosexuality, and cis-gender privilege and decide that all of this is worth enough to become a legitimate goal.

18 Dumb Relationship Goals That Will Make You Angry AF

Relationship status: I've acquired the hoodie

Someone posted a whisper in the group Really random thoughts, which reads "Relationship status: I've acquired the hoodie "