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Rachael Hale’s pic of the day : Macy. One of my...

Rachael Hale’s pic of the day : Macy. One of my all time favorite ! Macy is exactly the grey kitten I would love to have, and it’s coupled with my favorite flower : the peony.

Snow Boot | by Woolmarket100

Rookpaw, she-cat apprentice of Mistclan. She's pretty shy but a great hunter. Mentor: Feathercloud Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

* * " Anyones who haz nevers beens an animal woulds putz up a sign nots to feeds us."

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Cat, Catty & Kitty

Skykit Age: 3 moons Clan: Emberclan Description: Skykit is a gray tabby she-kit with sky- blue eyes.

Won’t You Hug Me To Sleep Tonight? An incredibly innocent looking kitten with those “Please Hug Me” eyes. Want more? I look like Garfield don’t I? Probably the cuter version…for now that is…LOL! Hey People! I am 2 months old and I am in mama’s arms right now What a white angel of a cat… Isn’t she adorable? AWWW! Need we say more? I hear you go AWWWWWW! Hey Sweetie! What Are Ya Looking At? This fella is just too fluffy and cute! http://i.imgur.com/6diktO5.webm All For One And One For All! And…

"Familienzuwachs" (German for "Addition to the family") ~ "We got a new kitty. His name is Yoki & he's 14 wks old. Such a cute cuddly little boy. He's a Sacred Birman cat (blue point), not a Ragdoll!" Eingestellt von (Posted by

Siberian Cat | Blue and Cream Siberian Kittens

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Adorable Kitten - by Rachael Hale

The American Bobtail has an adaptable nature, so he is a good traveler. Long-distance truckers and Rvers find him to be an fantastic companion.

Ragdoll Cats Ragdoll Kittens by LottaRags Ragdoll Cattery - Available Ragdoll Kittens

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