The messenger from the underworld by ~yozartwork on deviantART

Artist: Johann Bodin aka yozartwork - Title: the messenger from the underworld - Card: Hundred-Eyed Garibaldi

Legend of the Cryptids- Dave Rapoza - Imgur

Legend of the Cryptids- Dave Rapoza

1392707179.jpg (643×1135)

Necromancers: Men who have turned to the dark arts in a desperate attempt to…

Smash Gaizka Battleaxe Bearer by ruan_jia (Ruan Jia) - Digital ArtLords

The superb sci-fi and fantasy themed paintings and illustrations of concept artist Ruan Jia

The Heaven of Three Kingdoms

I like this character because it looks heroic, because it looks like a brave and honorable warrior that will fight for what he believes.

Resultado de imagem para fenghua zhong

Big Monkey vs Hunter by Fenghua Zhong > Illustration - posted November 2014