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Bacon my heart - Happy drawings :)

Nerdy Valentines – Part Three / Education Insights (bacon,love,valentine)

Nerdy Valentine #formula

Oh wow, I'd probably hurt the person because I am not a math person. This is still pretty clever though lol.

Yes we do ❤️

Free Printables - Funny Valentines with Food Puns "We Go Gouda Together" cheese illustration by Hearts and Laserbeams


Everyone loves bacon. This is just a dating app for everyone. Oscar Mayer is hoping to connect bacon lovers across the world through Sizzl, a dating app focused on making love connections one crispy slab of smoked meat at a time.

Laughed for 10 minutes straight... just cause its so cheesy

Funny when people go outta their way to get jalapeno business when they arent really apart of your life

Do you really want to get notes like this all the time? | 23 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Healthiest Thing For Your Soul

23 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Healthiest Thing For Your Soul

LMFAO I'm totally going to do this to my Husband! Since he takes forever in the bathroom.

Cantadas, declarações (e trocadilhos) nerds para os apaixonados

Cantadas, declarações (e trocadilhos) nerds para os apaixonados

I even sang it in Simba and Zazu's voices

Royal burn…

Funny pictures about Royal burn. Oh, and cool pics about Royal burn. Also, Royal burn.

You turn me on. —Nerdy Dirty: illustrations for nerds in love

A new series from illustrator, Nicole Martinez, "Nerdy Dirty." Via UFunk, via Design You Trust

Best found dog poster ever

Found Dog Please Don't Call: Found Dog. Now we are bros so he's staying. Don't call don't make it weird. Finders keepers losers weepers especially with this cut

Sandwich Kabob Bento Lunch - Trying to get easy lunch ideas for school, love the sandwich kabob!

>Eat cake >Find toenail >Vomit >Eat rest of cake toenail free. Birthday cake >Eat >Find toenail >Vomit rest of free

My life is a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to get fat.

Battle between food & fat! I'm sure I failed (Where is the bacon) .

I Sulfur When You Argon Art Print

"I Sulfur when you Argon" – Nerdy Love Notes / Nicole Martinez