Explore Vapour Rub, Vicks Vapor Rub, and more!

Vick's Vapour-Rub in the GLASS JAR! Wish I still had my mom's jar. She kept it forever!!!

Homemade Vick's Vapor Shower Discs and Colds Tips

Vick's Vapour-Rub in the GLASS JAR! My Mom's cure for everything.if I had a cold she put it on my chest and pinned a towel to the inside of my nightgown so it would keep my chest warm to heat the 'Vick's Salve'.

vintage diaper pins.  Bless you Mom! I tried cloth diapers with pins for one week after my first child was born and then promptly turned them into dust rags.  There was just NO WAY!

vintage diaper pins for cloth diapers. I remember running the sharp end through my hair so they'd go through the cloth diaper easier.

Teaching Clock... Still have mine...  Now available at Toys R' Us again (2014 Christmas)

Vintage Fischer Price Music Teaching Clock Toy A nice Fisher Price vintage toy. This music box teaching clock I s in working order. Wind the

Welches jelly Glass

Flintstone Jelly Jar Glasses - and there was a picture of one of the characters on the bottom of the glass, too!

Oh the retro tree- did everyone's grandma have this?  I found one at a garage sale this summer and was pretty excited!

vintage ceramic Christmas tree My Aunt made me one of these from her ceramics class when I got married. Many years have passed and every Christmas I put it up and remember her. She found little bird lights to use instead of the bulb shaped ones :)

Rotary dial phone, wall mounted with the phone book close by. The cord was all stretched out and wonky.

Mums sewing machine

Singer Treadle much like my Mom's. My first memory was watching her sew and listening to the treadle hum. - I still have my grandmother's.

Most kitchens had a match holder/dispenser! Most gas stoves did not have a pilot-light; so a match was needed to "light" the cook stove and space heater. Matches were also used as deodorizes in the bathroom!

Vintage matchbox holder/ We always had one of these by our cook stove as a girl. Because if the stove was to light, we had to strike a match first/

For all of your stepping needs.

1949 Cosco Step Stool by American Vintage Home. This was the hair cutting stool at my Grandma's house!

Carbon copies (for one copy with the original)...seem so archaic now but did the job at the time, along with mimeograph machines (multiple copies that were a bit wet from the ink and needed to dry) i used to love the smell of freshly mimeoed school papers

Carbon Paper? What’s That?

Carbon Copy Paper - Thank God for my mother's story of incorrectly placing the carbon paper between the two sheets of typing paper.

Swatch watches

Swatch Watch with the face guard! I had a different face guard for just about every outfit.

Found one of these at a thrift store and use it on houseboat trips!

Coffee percolator, always on Mom and Dad's kitchen stove. I actually remember this being used at grandmas house