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Face And Arse Soap

You won't need to clean your face with the same bar as the previous shower used just to wash their arse with! The Face And Arse Soap separate the task!

Get this Beer Belly Drinking Sack and no one will know that you are drinking! You can drink your favorite beverages when you want and wherever you want! Made of neoprene, the sling insulates and feels like skin to the touch under your clothes.Genius!

With the Beer Belly Drinking Sack you no longer have to live in fear that good genetics and/or young age will prevent you from fitting in at your local dive .

Story of my life!

Smells like a hell no. Everyone knows I love mornings. Especially when they start after two, two-thirty in the afternoon. That way I can combine breakfast, lunch, and dinner into one healthy tomato sm

You look so much like a picture of someone else. But this year, in like, a parallel universe where you don't spend your days


Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman wisdom, Make Good Art. Quote beautifully depicted by ZenPencils.


He munched on his salad, whilst recalling the day, he watched the life drain from her eyes. He'd only meant to scare her not kill her.

I know who needs this

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