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haveahiddles: musewhipped: LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE THING OH MY GOD Pretty sure that cat is using its magical powers to turn the plants around itself orange for camouflage. Yup, that’s it. They say Aslan is on the move.


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Baby Lamb Farm Animals Cute Pictures At the beginning when he was fed lamb.

Foxes Are Just Misunderstood Creatures

Funny pictures about Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures. Oh, and cool pics about Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures. Also, Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures photos.

* * " De new hat iz 'a hit' alright. After yer done here; I iz gonna getz a hit out on yoo."

I Think He Nailed It

* * " Good fer yoo thinkin' de new hat be a hit. Gets a differents ' model ' fer yer hats dat wanna makes meez ' hit ' yoo, claws out!