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{AUCT} Sky Reflections [CLOSED] by WellHidden on DeviantArt

I did a lot of custom concepts for a particular friendo and a lot of the sketches didn't get used, so I made a CCCat from one!

Think Candies by TysonTan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

THINK CANDIES The Design Concept Behind Tyson Tan’s Cyber Creatures This small tutorial is written as online supplement to Lindsay Cibos’s how-to-art book: Furry Furever.

{ADOPT} Myth CCCat - Venom's Poison [CLOSED SOBS] by WellHidden on DeviantArt

{ADOPT} Myth CCCat - Venom's Poison [CLOSED SOBS] by WellHidden on DeviantArt

CCCustoms Of May 2016 by WellHidden

A BUNCH of customs I took for a lot of Stryx stuff and plushies tbh! Still looking for more stryx. Top two were granted working wings as thanks for. CCCustoms Of May 2016

I'm not sure how to respond to the last one, and it kinda reminds me of something Edgy(Underfell Sans) would say

elentori-art: For all your Gravity Falls Valentine needs ♥️ falls card pines pines cipher pines pines day day cards

CHARACTER DESIGN - Cerca con Google

Cloud White Character Design From my original project Electric Hearts (formerly called Xing/SYNC). A Cloud / Rabbit / Anthro themed android. Cloud was originally designed as a fox android, bu.