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Learn the mechanics of Environment Design & Concept Art for Video Games in a workshop in Paris with Sylvain (Tohad) Sarrailh, Senior Concept Artist.

"Sanamasker si erge in una valle aggraziata tra le montagne a nord ovest di Rubra. In terra Aram, a metà della via tra Asteria e le vette mozze dei vulcani delle Teste della Viverna...." CACCIA MORTALE - CRONACHE DEI DUE MONDI di Stefano Marguccio, ed. Delos Books

lone pilgrim by ~GvozdenkoYura on deviantART. (this reminds me of the falling kingdoms series) Email:

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Environment is important, you establish mood through choices of color and dimension. The castle has soft curves and arches, connotations that is a place of tranquility and safety while the rock structures are sharp and angular with a cooler color pallet o

thinkin maybe there once

Spiral Castle: Cloudy Moon On the Side of a Mountain Waterfalls in a Ravine A Buck with Antlers Drinks Boat Sails Birds Fly

fantasy-art-engine: “ Fantasy Castle by Richard Scott ” Inspiration for the Empyrean City.

and it's a safe place despite its forbidding appearance, or maybe because of that.through the ever-present mist, the castles look like tall peaks, the little houses like hills.and the roaring falls and steep cliffs make journeying difficult.

Concept Art Waterfall

"Welcome To My World" by N-Deed. N-Deed is a British digital artist that creates amazing airbrushed paintings, through which he envisions magical worlds, dark and subtle characters and much more. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and