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Photo Damigella - by Alessandro De Luca

Photo Damigella - by Alessandro De Luca

Most insects have multifaceted eyes—house flies, for example, have about 6,000 eye facets that give them a panoramic view of their surroundings. It’s the reason their eyes look like honeycombs up close. But with 30,000 individual facets, dragonflies blow them—and every other insect—completely out of the water. Each facet, or ommatidia, creates its own image, and the dragonfly brain has eight pairs of descending visual neurons to compile those thousands of images into one picture.

I believe the spirit of my loved ones come to visit me in the form of a dragonfly


Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky.from Silent Moon by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Night flier

dragonfly - The colors, the detail & depth of field all come together for an amazing result.

Nature Photography Moon Trees Raindrops Night Sky by Fizzstudio

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Title: Modern Vintage Amber Moon Modern Vintage is a range of contemporary photographic images with a popular Vintage Ttv (through the viewfinder)