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Η βία και η επιθετικότητα αποτελούν εκδηλώσεις της ανθρώπινης συμπεριφοράς που παρατηρούνται από την παιδική ακόμη ηλικία και συνιστούν ένα άξιο προσοχής κοινωνικό φαινόμενο. Η επιθετικότητα είναι …

Η βία στο σχολικό χώρο και ο ρόλος του δασκάλου

página web para descargar imágenes libres de derechos

página web para descargar imágenes libres de derechos

The ROI of Social Media

Social media has captured the attention and awe of the marketing world with the promise of increased customer engagement and lower marketing costs.

The Space We Live In - FULL HD Video #music #instrumental

max - Krakatoa + Frost - particle flow + box - FumeFX a little insight, some flows, setups and procedural maps of the last scene: Music: Rameses B - Memoirs (…

WATCH IN HD!!!    This is my type animation experiment, Alphabetic.   I used the font CHUNK FIVE, wich is a really cool and free font. I had a lot of fun doing this piece! Can't hardly wait for the next one...    Made by Ariel Costa (blinkmybrain")  Sound by Marcelo Baldin (combustion)    Special thanks to Studio Nitro (www.studionitro.tv) Thanks for all support guys!

Ariel Costa has created this cool type animation experiment, Alphabetic. He has personality-packed letters in this slick animation will keep you entertained from A to Z….featuring some Wall-E style sound design by Marcelo Baldin

10 ways to get your creative juices flowing #Entrepreneurship #WeWorkMagzine #WeWork

"Nobody tells people who are beginners" by Ira Glass -creative and inspirational video by David Shiyang Liu

what country has the best mail order brides

sweepmeup: What an adorable baby announcement. - sweepmeup: “ What an adorable baby announcement video!

THE WEEKND- "In The Night"

Website and visual portfolio of Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman of BRTHR.

If you ever wonder about durability check out our post this past weekend at http://www.facebook.com/v/3331512011012  our dog demolished the wireless controller but it still works!!Talk about products that last!

I have a quiet love of my even though the browser sucks, and the media browser is pretty unfriendly - I still think this is a great all round system.