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Heteronormativity. Heteronormative. Spanish. Foriegn language. Foreign language. Grammar.

as a girl l can confirm that l would also take 75 large plastic dinosaurs over a relationship also

"Mom, Dad, I think I'm... an alien." "Oh sweetie, we knew the second you started building crop circles."

"Mom, Dad, I think I'm." "Oh sweetie, we knew the second you started building crop circles.">>it's 9 pm and all my siblings are asleep and I'm so close to laughing send help

OKAY THAT'S NOT WHERE I THOUGHT IT WOULD GO BUT IT'S BETTER THAN WHAT I THOUGHT. Also, why did he even try to physically remove the girl off the seat, if he has 'weak ankles'?

"today's youth are so pathetic and discourteous" says the guy physically removing a teenage girl from a bus seat

Either way you roll, you shouldn't be shamed, choosing to have sex or not have sex changes nothing

Pro-abstinence education is poison. Then pro-abstinence education is right for your schools.