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Dalahäst. Handsome fellow!

Most are the traditional orange dala horses, some are more whimsical and some, like these are designed to reflect the region they are from.

swedish horses, such a memory from my Nana's house!

I have some of these from my Swedish grandmother. And a Dala chicken too.

Carved by Swedish artist, Steve Nyman, and painted by his wife, Cathy.

SWEDEN - Dala horses ~ carved by swedish artist Steve Nyman and painted by his wife Cathy -- My mom has 3 red ones that progressively get smaller and a tiny blue one.

vintage dala horse gray blue | ... dala s on display at the factory i adore the white and blue dala horse

Visit the birthplace of Dala horses - Dalarna, Sweden. I am loving this image of vintage Dala's on display at the factory. I adore the white and blue Dala horse!