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kawacy: “ November 18 release date + November 18 my birthday is no coincidence because I knew I was born to be a Pokemon master ”

「Let's Go!」/「Kane」のイラスト [pixiv]

Image d'anime avec pokemon pokemon sm nintendo rowlet litten (pokemon) lillie (pokemon) popplio kane (kanekiru) long hair single tall image looking at viewer blonde hair fringe green eyes bare shoulders sky cloud (clouds) looking away standing

love this, signifies that is infact ok, to eat donuts. unlike people who believe…

oshino shinobu (bakemonogatari and monogatari (series)) drawn by makimura shunsuke - Danbooru

Evee's other forms

Evee's other forms

2411047 (1000×1500)

Day If you could be any pokemon, what would you be? Maybe Gardevoir human version gijinka pokemon, gardevoir

black hair blue background bucket hat buneary grey eyes hat highres leggings male focus one eye closed open mouth pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game) pokemon ultra sm popplio rockruff shiro (tiotolv) shoes shorts signature simple background sitt

Totodile just doesn't get it ...  chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile, pokemon

So Cute!