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❥ angel in the heavenlies

As you bow your head to God and offer yourself in prayer I know He will send an Angel to comfort and guide you.


Dear Angels, I love you. there is an angel on me. near me or inside me everyday. I've collected Angels for years. The only tattoo I have is of an Angel with the likeness of my Mother.


Angel on grave of Anne Simon in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington DC. Sculpted in 1915 by the artist, Brenda Putnam. Below the angel is an inscription."There is no death.

Angel Statue .... ha ha yeah right. DON'T BLINK!>> really pretty though... Don't let your eyes device you

I love angel statues! On this website you will find the cutest garden angel statues and angel figurines for your home! Angel statues make wonderful gift ideas!

Beautiful cemetery angel in Ireland. Really beautiful Angel❤️. - Is it an angel or a fairy, as in Ireland they use to believe in both. ~ {They look like Angel Wings to me}.

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Angel / And when my soul slips from this earth we know.I pray an angel gathers me in her wings and delivers me to the place where tears are no more.- TG A Good Thing Happened.

ángel bebe

sweetest garden angel i've ever seen! This angel would make Any garden or collection of flowers just Sing! An incredible garden angel statute!

Призвать ангелов легко

Молитва ангелу хранителю

Spooky cemetery statue. I think if it moved I'd keel right over...

The Angel of Death Victorious Photo- Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio (from "then spoke the thunder")

No one ever told me that grief was so like fear. -C.S. Lewis

The grave of Princess Elisabeth (Rosenhöhe, Darmstadt). The angel statue is made by art nouveau sculptor Ludwig Habich.a beauty;

The Graveyard Detective: Southport Angel

For some reason, this angel at Birkdale Cemetery in Southport has been removed from it's plinth and stood on the grass in front.

How bizarre! Cemetery statue representing half life and half death, including the angel's wings.

It's a Weeping Angel. That's been attacked by Vashta Nerada. This *MIGHT* be the scariest thing ever. Count the shadows and don't blink!<-- for Halloween I'm dressing up as the Vashta Nerada and my cousin is going as a Weeping Angel!