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It's me when in coffe Cafe alone. Lol. #coffee #anime

why does this remind me of(highschool) Kara? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

1girl :o blue_eyes blush brown_hair bust itou_nanami long_hair looking_away original solo white_background

:o blue eyes blush brown hair bust itou nanami long hair looking away original solo white background

I want to be an angel

Image d'anime avec original moc single short hair tall image black hair looking at viewer smile brown eyes sitting barefoot hair over one eye arms up open pants male navel building (buildings) chair picture paint

Count Cain. Family by Reo-Astat

Just one of my random wallpapaers. Count Cain belongs to Kaoti Yuuki-sama *nods*I don't own him. Just this wallpaper Count Cain.

Cute neko

I want this to be Ryul so baaaadllyyyyy. Like one summer when he's five his hair turned brown and as winter started coming, his hair slowly turned white on him.

#wattpad #ngu-nhin Tất cả những ảnh anime trong máy.......và đem đi tặng

Kho ảnh anime - ảnh anime 8