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Mermaid Garnet

Mermaid Garnet I didn't know how badly I needed this.

Art credit: ikimaru on Tumblr

Did you see this?

Waiting for Lapis' song, or even better, a Lapis and Peridot duet!

Hide and Seek by Lopoddity:

"Aww, did my wittle Moony-Woony harpoon that corrupted gem right in its smug bitch face? Mommy's so proud!

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...>>>IM DISTURBED THAT AMETHYST WAS CREEPING BUT I HAVE THE FEELS INSIDE OF ME

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...

This is why I've never been a Pearlmythest Shipper. I see Amethyst looking up to pearl like a sister not a GF. Plus I think Amethyst needs to love herself first.


LarsSadie - Mistletoe by Shadaty on DeviantArt, I don't ship it but that's fucking cute.

Vidalia and Sour Cream xD Yeah, those are teeth you want on your child, even without Vidalia's history

Oh god I'm glad he's not a mini Marty Oh stars, please no more Marty I hate Marty I guess Steven wouldn't even exist if he didn't do what he did. Neither would Sour Cream, supposing he's Sour Cream's father. Sour Cream is nice

“How do you feel about your Diamond?” | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

“How do you feel about your Diamond?”