Moon fox girl by Hochulia. This would be an amazing back tattoo

love it. Would put a wolf in there instead of a fox though - I think the fox gives it a unique look. Wolves in tattoos are so overdone. Heck, wolves are overdone in all that pseudo Native American stuff. Plus foxes are simply the best animals.

Moon Maiden's Tattoo by *lions-nd-yellocake on deviantART Really like the mucha border idea


Assuming the Crow Spirit. Art by Jeremy Hush. The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. Crows serve as totems and spirit guides during many shamanistic rituals.

I live the moons on the top of this picture

Finally finished inking this commissioned tattoo design for a very awesome client. Thank you for being so patient!


illustration ace of spades drawing painting outline black ink white playing cards boat kraken sea monster.

Her wings started to slowly close around her as she finally gave up. She shut down her feelings and emotions and let the darkness swallow her whole. She saw no reason to keep going, remain strong, or live the life she deserved. One last tear slipped from her eye as the wings caged her in a world of depression.

Angels and fairies signify purity and love. There are also tattoos that depict a broken or fallen angel with a sad posture and withered wings. Some designs are of guardian angel ready to strike with her power.

Sun and moon

This is the most beautiful ying-yang tattoo idea I have ever seen . I Love this because I want a sun and moon tattoo, and a yin yang tattoo! Into ying-yangs? And massive detail and creativity? I recommend this tattoo