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We will be known forever by the tracks  we leave. (Dakota)

"Dawn Spirit's Flight" by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean. Watercolor and Colored Pencil on X Bristol Paper. In memory of Shaman the wolf. Prints and merchandise available: www.


Whisper by Goldenwolf on DeviantArt This Wolf Drawing counts right? its so good it can be counted as wolf week keep up good work everyone!

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Spirits Calling by Christy Grandjean-Goldenwolf

Offering by Goldenwolf.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Christy Grandjean - "Goldenwolf" - A favorite artist (Native American, spiritual)

Would be great as a charcoal drawing

Geri und Freki More

Art of Golden Wolf

Snow is falling once again My soul is weary of this world My body fails me, weakening How long can I endure this cold? I hear the Raven calling me Onyx .

Native American

Song of the golden wolf - Denton Lund

Wolf painted on a feather - by Karin Taylor--

Love , embrace

Beloved Couple by Exileden

"Moon Mates"  by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean Watercolor and Colored Pencil on 9" X 6.2" Mixed Media paper. 2012. Prints and Merchandise available: http://www.goldenwolfen.com/site/?wpsc_product_category=wildlife

Moon Mates by Goldenwolf on DeviantArt Traditional Art / Mixed Media / Animals & Goldenwolf Two lupine lovers rendezvous under a rising full moon, reaffirming their life-long bonds with each other.

Goldenwolfen.com - The artwork of Christy Grandjean

Lune by Goldenwolf Christy Grand-Jean kK

Atlantis by Goldenwolf on Deviantart by Christy Grandjean.

This is my 2013 annual piece for WOLF Sanctuary‘s Waltz For The Wolves. This year we honor Atlantis, a bright and beautiful wolf hybrid who has pa.


Calling The Totems Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Syndi Michael

Angelica, or Angel, female, is an angel wolf, she protects the inoscent and helps heal the injured both physical and mental injuries, she is kind, loving and quiet, if u spot her it is a rare sight to see but don't think u are dead because she is in fact real, knows Isaac very well do to him being the Guardian to hell (me)

Angelica, or Angel, female, is an angel wolf, she protects the inoscent and…

White Wolf by http://silvercrossfox.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This is the sketch of the day (day I will be working on a painting of wolves soon, so, I thought it would be a good idea to do a sketch of them. These two are interacting in a very wolf-ish fas.


Watercolour art by Jonna Scandy-girl