I've always had a soft spot for Sasuke. No matter what he did or felt he had to do I was sympathetic to all his pain.

It shows his pain. Sasuke was always kind hearted it was just all his pain dragged him to the darkness and there was no one there to pull him out, but then came Sakura. He loved her since the beginning she pulled him out of his pain and the darkness

*Uzumaki *Naruto *Menma *Minato *Kushina Road to Ninja X Naruto(Shippuden)

*Uzumaki *Naruto *Menma *Minato *Kushina Road to Ninja X Naruto(Shippuden) sooooo kawiiiiii😍😍

Come back to us sasuke - Naruto

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"Even if someone plunges into the depths of darkness, [Naruto] will always reach his hand out for them. He will reach out to save them. The Great Nations on the Move – Naruto: Shippūden