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Hehehe its true!!!!

I actually don't ship Johnlock, but I do support the ship because it is cute ^.^ <- Destiel is my OTP, and Johnlock isn't my biggest ship, but I won't murder you if you ship it.

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I’m sorry I don’t have anything productive to give you (?) I’m kind of stuck in an art block maybe? Here’s the remaining doodle of my genderbend i did the other day wI did not planned to post them but since i don’t have anything to post and i feel a bit

Aww, i dont really understand what they say, but megane-kun and chibi-chan are really cute ♡♡♡

To cute, seriously.<if i was to write a bokuto/akaashi fic id call it black and yellow

싫지는 않지만 귀찮아 밤낮이 바뀐 켄마 뜨거운 밤을 보낸 쿠로켄^^~

싫지는 않지만 귀찮아 밤낮이 바뀐 켄마 뜨거운 밤을 보낸 쿠로켄^^~