Buying a ring to carry around in case I ever bump into her

Hi everyone, My name is Monica. My company is called Bohisha I am an indigo-hippie-dreadhead, a bilingual linguist, a practical dreamer, an armchair gypsetter.

rainbow dreads

Top 15 Hairstyles you must see !

idk why but I love the way dreads look, I would never have them but they're pretty cool.

hippie-galaxy: The ocean & a dreadhead. Both beautiful and natural things.

Black 24" U-Tip Synthetic Dreadlocks (10 pieces) - 100% Kanekalon. – Penny Dreads & Wigs

#1B Black U-Tip Synthetic Dreadlocks (10 pieces)

This option will be available in weeks Set of 10 jet black synthetic pencil dreads. Professional quality Fusion/U-Tip synthetic dread extensions roughly the width of a pencil, some are slightly la

Lord Ganesha Dread Bead by GFProjects on Etsy, zł80.00

dread beads ^-^ Lord Ganesha Dread Bead by GFProjects on Etsy,

loving it..

I’m considering getting full dreads. Rigth now i only have 6 dreads, and some braids. But the reason why i dont just get is, is that if you get full dreadlocks, you wont be abel to get them o…