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Yeah that's true all except for you and the argo || crew.       You got me let's start our flight


Leo and Festus: Dragons are Better than People Part 1 Parody of "Reindeer are Better than People" in Frozen Percy Jackson/Frozen Crossover Comic

Harry and Percy and Hogwarts

There needs to be more Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter crossovers in the world.>>> this would be an awesome book/movie, a funny one at that>>rick riordan and jkr meeting would probably cause an apocalypse of wonderful.

hahaha... sweetness.

Fangirls of Percy, Leo, and Nico: Is This True For Everyone?<<<< Could we please sacrifice Octavian instead?


"Then he gasped and pointed to the spot where Frank was hiding.Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!"Nothing happened."I said" Percy repeated,"Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!

Ohhh, Leo. I may have literally laughed out loud at this part. :)

Leo's solution to an awkward moment! Piper McLean, Jason Grace, & Leo Valdez<<<<< the lost hero page 411

harry potter and percy jackson crossover

harry potter and percy jackson crossover