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40 Fascinating Raven Tattoos protecting your soul

40 Amazing Raven Tattoos

Falcon tattoo design with all the intercay, but maybe the wings down and it's a sternum tattoo

Ragnar's Raven by RAIDHO

Norse Mythology and Norse Heathen themes are found throughout theses intricate designs by Raidho.


First in the series of illustrations for SUN InBev Russia and their brand called "Siberian Character". The heroes of the range are the masters of Siberia: Altay Peregrine, Amur Tiger and Brown Taiga Bear.Artist is Ivan Belakov.

Resultado de imagen de cuervos y dragones de juego de tronos dibujos

I like the wolf int he center and do 2 ravens on top, one black and one colored or white for Hugin and Munin

Space Raven

The darkness carries me through my turbulent thoughts; here, no light will reveal my movement. "Space Raven" by Impale Design , awesome tattoo idea!

odin's ravens tattoo - Google Search                                                                                                                                                     More

Besides im a bit forgetful, i deeply feel connected with em. One of Odin's 2 Ravens (Thought and Memory) -- I am thinking of getting one on the inside of each forearm

Celtic sword tattoo design

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Looking for some meaningful tattoo ideas for men? This article will help you with the different meaningful tattoos that you can ink and give audience to your beliefs without being vocal about it.


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