Audrey Kawasaki

String - Audrey Kawasaki i got this tattoo on my leg the artist did and amazing job there is not a fall in it

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by Audrey Kawasaki I Want to Play oil and graphite on wood for Baby Tatooville event/art show.

Audrey Kawasaky

Just Like You - Audrey Kawasaki oil and graphite on wood panel Outre Gallery.

Magnolia I think?

Pen and ink flower. "Pen and ink of a flower is usually heavy on exaggerated values to deepen effect of curves in images. Though this is a drawing, it has incredible depth in the shadows and shading

Courtney Brims. Sleeping Beauty

Illustration by Courtney Brimms Soft shading with dramatic darks and lights. Black and white with sepia tones, the folds, curls, and petals captivate. Love the one red drip of blood

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki