Because Disney dogs are the best kind of dogs!

23 Disney Dogs That We All Want As Pets

Disney's Lilo and Stitch - Pudge the Fish with a Peanut Butter sandwich from Lilo because he "controls the weather". Only lilo.

disney:  ♫ Let every creature go for broke and sing! ♫

disney: “ ♫ Let every creature go for broke and sing! ♫ ” It’s gonna be King Simba’s finest fling!


Manga-Style Disney Princesses by Chihiro Howe

9/10 adopted (i would just like to let u guys know that the minimum on these pins is 2.) first princess Snow White (ADOPTED) second Cinderella (ADOPTED) third Sleeping Beauty (ADOPTED) fourths Ariel (ADOPTED) fifth belle (ADOPTED) sixth jasmine (ADOPTED) seventh Pocahontas (ADOPTED) eighth mulan ninth Tiana (ADOPTED) and tenth Rapunzel (ADOPTED).

Disney Princess MLP up for adoption! (Ariel adopted by me!) Bell, Rapunzel,Mulan, Jasmine, and Pocohontas adopted

The Little Mermaid #disney #littlemermaid

The Little Mermaid #disney #littlemermaid

Lilo and stitch

Anyone have a Shamwow? I need to clean up the ocean that just came from my eyes. And since stitch is an alien, he'll live forever, and love Lilo till he dies. *cries uncontrollably until the end of forever*