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The Emperors new groove is one of the funniest disney movies.In my opinion.


Be that person! i know the road to eldorado isn't disney.but tangled is!

Have some fun !!!!

Brozen << creative people let's go lyrics! Or names and song names but yay!>>no but I would seriously watch this though

El Descanso del Escriba: Loki...es como Moises??

On a scale of Moses to Loki, how well do you handle being adopted? Comparisons between The Prince of Egypt and Loki from Thor.

Disney Rap Battle!

Disney Rap Battle

Queen Elsa Vs Princess Merida Epic Rap Battle… this is the most awesome thing I've ever seen :D

I haven't moved in a year omg love her I love how her clothes haven't changed but her computer has.

In the second one, the twin on the couch is wearing glasses and her computer is silver.

I am doing this when Jackson and Olivia Graduate from High School and Collage!

It must be great to have a sister like her…

Funny pictures about It must be great to have a sister like her. Oh, and cool pics about It must be great to have a sister like her. Also, It must be great to have a sister like her.

Well it's not as bad as me who had a pile of wood dropped on her head during drama class...but even I have to ask HOW DO YOU KICK A CEILING!!!!

Monopoly get out of jail free card how to get out of detention drama class how do u kick a ceiling

This isn't even his final form....

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.