Warm color inspiration

Color inspiration for a warm quilt in yellows, oranges and purples. Colour names are: Sunshine – Jaffa – Shrimp – Magenta – Grape – Plum!


I'd definitely give the bridesmaids simple lavender bouquets for a purple wedding. Beautiful and fragrant!


Dahlia - Blyton Softer Gleam Can't wait for the Dahlia Festival in August! Such beautiful flowers.

Girl names: Gemma

Cafe au lait dahlias will be in season. subtle peach color but could be mixed with brighter peach flowers.

Evergreen Winter colour Good woodland plant Enchanting hellebore which produces soft metallic dark purple-blue flowers with bright lemon coloured

Lenten Rose Hellebore hybrid (Helleborus orientalis) 'Blue Metallic Lady' - what a lovely variety

Anemone mistral+ Salmon

Apricot Anemones flower form inspiration for design; soft pastels & black colour contrasts - beauty in nature

Always think as much as you can with prayerful heart that "Everything surrounding us, the air particles, people, the birds, the trees, everything around us - they all are absorbed in Godly remembrance." ~ Rev. Kamlesh D Patel  www.daaji.org www.heartfulness.org

Flower types for my tattoo - Dahlia, gorgeous gradations of color here. Like orange & raspberry sherbert.