Love Her Hair...i Just Hope Mine Is Long Enough To Do Something Like This For My Wedding.  If Not, There's Always Weave!!!

Retro hair and makeup and a chunky knit sweater. Ralph Lauren style MUST DO! Shoot with Alex Tracey

ingrid bergman | Graphic Design Theory

The beauty of vintage pin-up girls is timeless. Their look is every bit as sexy today as it was back then. The vintage pinup girl wore makeup that accentuated her natural beauty in a sultry, yet classy style. Gorgeous rose-stained lips and velvety.

10 ways to wear summer twists

5 Hopelessly Romantic New Wedding Updo Ideas Instead of winding your hair into a bun or twist, tuck the ends under in this charming fashion.

Catherine Deneuve holding a puppy  1962

Catherine Deneuve photograph, vintage photo print, classic old Hollywood photograph, black and white print, boho wall decor

Evelyn Ankers, early 1940s.

hair *inspiration* Evelyn Ankers, British actress born in Chile. Married to actor Richard Denning.


Contemporary photo of Katie Barclay done beautifully by Linda Puetter in Old Hollywood style, as homage to George Hurrell, the master of Hollywood photography. From Refined Retro Beauty - Hair and Makeup Tutorials

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Hehee. I love girls who are willing to try hard.

A model applying her lipstick using a butter knife as mirror. Love the "mirror.

Vintage fashion style inspiration. Please choose vegan, ethical, eco

The classic beauty and style of Jean Shrimpton back in the - Vintage Fashion Inspiration

Perfect curls in hair, perfect make-up and little black dress - beauty and elegance in style- classic and timeless style!

Julianne Hough

Master the Art of the Perfect Retro Waved Hairstyle

Julianne Hough: If you have a layered bob, you can easily get Julianne's retro set. Side part the hair deep to one side, and use small rollers or pin curls to curl in toward the face.

Mid-late 60s

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