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Yoongi  Agust D

I think this is from the same day he was shooting the video for 'AGUST D. Oppa Is he wearing a thing on his leg?

Here is a random Bangtan derp face collection for you because why not! ❤❤❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

dying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on

I'm in love with this so much oml “Breathe or Dream.” – Intro: 화양연화 Suga fanart... : f a l l e n ♤ l e a v e s;

““Breathe or Dream.” – Intro: 화양연화 Suga fanart collaboration with (≧◡≦) progress gif here.

#wattpad #fanfic Sexualidad: Homosexual Pareja: YoonGi x Jimin  WhatsApp  Un número desconocido puede cambiar muchas cosas.  Lean plox kdkshskshaj

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✧˖(≧ㅅ≦):♡~γσᴜ αяε ʍγ σиℓγ sᴜиsʜιиε;σиε αи∂ σиℓγ ιи ᴛнε ᴡσяℓ∂~♡:ʕ

É sempre assim tiros atrás de tiros #BTS #wings

my mom and my sister are kpop fans so whenever we wake up, and there's a new video of Wings we are all like "WE GOTTA WATCH IT!" And we'll talk about it and stuff and put theories together XD

Um telefone e a porta de seu apartamento é o que separa Irene do rest… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

❝Im Calling❞ + kth

Hobi and Yoongi just switched souls for a moment 😂

sugas jawline always kills me something rlly specil about, its like not a straight jawline but you can see the bone of it.......like.....especially when he had pink hair his jawline was buetiful in tht

Frickin' hickeys!!! OMG hot as hell!! O.O

BLESS MY EYES (on another note, can we think about how much he must have dieted to lose that much weight? yoongi pls don’t starve yourself. you need food to get energy to do all your performances! armys will be happiest whenever you are healthy❤️)

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My number one weakness- Any member in bye wearing a fucking flower crown