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Nazi UFOs - Flying Discs of the Third Reich - 6 DVD-ROM boxed set

DId the Nazis have UFOs? Did Hitler escape to a secret Nazi base in the Antarctic? This is a six DVD-ROM (made for use in a computer, not a regular DVD player!) boxed digital library on the subject of

TR-3B Black Triangle IFO: IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. Guess it's not secret anymore...LOL

Aurora Black Triangle UFO Might Be Classified Successor to the Here are 5 Interesting Incidents


Many years after the war German scientists are known to have helped the Americans out with their side of the space program. How much did these scientists know about the Nazi alien technology?

In 1939, German scientists invented their own flying saucer shaped aircraft and called it the “Haunebu”. When the Nazi party swept in to power in 1933.

Invading armies of almost invincible power, incredible weaponry designed to intimidate and annihilate. During the second world war, Germany possessed the most technologically advanced military in t…

"The Bell" (German: Die Glocke)  a torsion field of sufficient intensity can bend space around the generator. The more torsion you generate, the more space you alter.  When you bend space, you also bend time.

Put most simply the Nazi Bell was in fact a heavy particle accelerator used as an artificial neutron source to breed Protactinium 233 from Thorium Protactinium would naturally degrade after 27 days into pure bomb grade Uranium 233 Uranium

Espaçonaves secretas anti-gravidade dos EUA

Two large underwater pyramids discovered on the ocean floor off the coast of…


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