Happy Birthday-Cake-3D-Pop-Up-Greeting-Card/ Kirigami pattern 1

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How to DIY 3D Kirigami Greeting Cards with Templates

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Do-it-yourself Pop-up Valentine’s Day Card [study 8]

Say I love you with a unique 3D pop up greeting card. Perfect paper art for a proposal, wedding, or anniversary card.

Heart Bench

Poised to start the perfect date, a gentleman greets his lady with a heart balloon and a bouquet of flowers on the cover of this red card. Upon opening the card, a romantic heart bench pops to life

Tour Eiffel Pop-up Card                                                                                                                                                     More

Tour Eiffel Pop-up Card , yeah because the Eiffel Tower is red in real life, too!


I quite like this style of pop-up composition as it displays depth and is really something that I could see myself replicating in my design with the Cuban salsa theme.