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The problem is that Trump is against the establishment politics, so now he's having to fight both Republican and Democrats and the media is all too happy to help them with that

Ted Nugent, describing his visit to a Muslim bookstore and his question for the…

Ted Nugent would shit his pants if a Muslim man spoke to him. However, he'd molest a Muslim 13 y.


The Constitution has been the law for 222 years.

Stop paying these aholes for life! Limited to 2 terms! No one deserves pay for life! Especially when YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR JOB! NO MORE automatic pay raises either you greedy bastards! They are all millionaires already, they don't need your measley tax dollars.

gee thought this was important enough to pin only in the good old USA what do you think ?

All things that are on record. I've heard women say worse things about other women than anything Trump has said that we know of. Our country can start heading out of the darkness. Power to the people not the elites. The truth will set you free!!

Liberal ad hominem attacks against Trump are in fact false.and apply directly to Clinton.


The people in the military are smart. They know a good President, like President Trump, when they see one. Who the hell would want to volunteer for an asshole like Obama? He hated our men and women. He had no respect for our military at all

What blessings await you when people hate you and exclude you and mock you and curse you as evil because you follow the Son of Man. - Luke 6:22                . Watch Video HERE ==>>   http://youtu.be/da0O0xX816w sign petition here ==> http://teamphil.co/ God will bless Phil Robertson because he lives and stands up for his beliefs in God,Jesus,& the Bible!

If you get offended when a redneck quotes from the bible, you might be intolerant.you are intolerant.