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16 Times One Direction’s “Night Changes” Video Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

Don't judge me Liam, I'm trying my BEST!

Oh look at that its my life in a gif.<< my question is how is that girl sitting next to him and like not dying<<<u can see his accent


“Backstage at ‘We Can Survive in Los Angeles, CA on October 2017 ”

WHITE ESKIMO!!!!<<< finally a picture of the WHOLE group<<<< I think we kno who the hottest member is..

Harolds first band. The White Eskimos. Aren't you glad One Direction was formed?

why isn’t there a way to shrink him to pocket size and mass produce so we can carry him around at all times?science you are failing me

(GIF) just take a minute to admire him imean look at how his face lights up and those big jade eyes and the dimples and ahhhg

His face after 69

His face after 69

awesome He& got the kind of smile that lights up his face (and the entire room).