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If I get a cat that's what I'm naming it or pippa

Eli: Seriously Naddie, would it kill you to talk about your feelings?  Naddie: LOL what feelings?

cas, devoid of any human emotion: rio pls tell me what's up. rio, emotionally holding back his tears: lmao nothin' bro.

I don't know why I find this so cute  pinterest↠@Sweetthensour ❁

The fact that this even has my name on it is great But Koshiroh would say this to Blazefire

unearthlyenemy:hope I’m doing this right

:) I'm nina and this is where I post things that I think are funny :P Purple is my fav color

or sportscandy in general

dogmeatsbandanas: “Imagine your otp/oc’s ” True, mushrooms are nasty :P