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German biker Somewhere on the Eastern front 1943.

German motorcycle in muddy terrain, Russia, spring 1943 Photographer Johannes Bergmann Source German Federal Archive Identification Code Bild Added By C.

A dispatch rider passing information to the crew of a SdKfz 250 operating with the SS Division 'Wiking'

A motorcycle messenger reports to the crew of an Sd. Recon Platoon of the Nordland Division. This photograph was taken in July 1944 when the Soviets threw a series of massive tank attacks against the Narva bridgehead. Nordland Division with.

German army motorcycle dispatch riders jokingly pose by a roadsign showing the vast distances between major objectives and locations and themselves during Operation Barbarossa.

German dispatch riders dig out their Zundapp motorbike which is bogged down in mud on the Eastern Front during the Spring thaw. Cold and mud were killer enemies in the East -- and the Germans discovered it after June

german soldier reading newspaper in his foxhole on the eastern front. his rifle is to his right (foreground). hand grenade, gas mask canister, water bottle, and chart satchel are to his left.

A German army motorcyclist. Note the "WH" ("Wehrmacht Heer") registration plate. Via Jedem das seine

A German army motorcyclist. Note the "WH" ("Wehrmacht Heer") registration plate…