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cats and their doppelgangers.

Cats are pretty great, but if they're missing one thing, it's a resemblance to various famous figures. We have here, ten awesome pictures of

Ознакомьтесь с этим проектом @Behance: «Graphical posters of Paris & London» https://www.behance.net/gallery/31845565/Graphical-posters-of-Paris-London

Et voilà, Paris, in all its glory. This graphical poster is decorated with famous Parisien icons and treasures of the highest order.

La serie " Sofía Monsters" muestran los lugares conocidos de Sofía, Bulgaria en una perspectiva diferente. Estas imágenes revelan las criaturas ocultas - monstruos adorables , perezosos y divertidas , que mantienen la vida cotidiana y hacer sonreír a la gente .

Lazy Monsters Take Over Sofia, Bulgaria

The photos by Atanas Kutsev and the illustrations by Tochka

Travel Maps, Map Illustrations, Taiwan, Sketch, Japanese Art, Croquis, Travel Cards, Sketch Drawing, Draw

San Francisco print, Lab Partners. (Assignment: Distorted perspective from photograph and/or actual place.):

Image of Victorians - Few gorgeous illustrations of San Francisco (Lab Partners Shop)

Illustrations by Charley Harper, from a 1960s biology book

biology book, with graphic of the finches of the Galapagos studied by Charles Darwin. Illustration by Charles Harper

Tiny Characters in Everyday Life

Tiny Characters in Everyday Life

Monsters, City, The Beast


Kitten Dreams by Mirsad - a cat's view of the full moon: Giant ball of yarn in the sky