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I love this so much. Jesus understands the struggles that we go through in our daily lives because He experienced them as well.

Face whatever emotion comes with courage and truth; then give it to God. Jesus knows all and is empathetic because he experienced hurt himself. Trust Him to be there for you always.

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I needed this today.praying for several people that seem to me, "impossible cases". and so I keep praying.

This is so beautiful & so true

and this is why we don't compromise. because GOD is stable, GOD is unchanged, GOD is FAITHFUL and God is REAL. He is not moved or unstable and His love is deeper than any man's that is like that of the wind. Oh may I remember not to compromise anymore.

God Is Speaking

We have a God who cares so much for us even when we feel like He's not around. He has PERFECT plans for us - though it may not be obvious to you right now. But we can do is trust Him. Trust the God of love, peace, and joy.

Surrender to God. He is much greater and is so much greater than anything we cling to on this earth.

I don't know how many x's the words Heaven or world appear in the Bible but this entry speaks life.

Amen Lord I am glad that once you looked a head and could see what it would take you kept moving. I'm grateful you didn't allow that fear or our harden hearts to deter you. I am grateful that you gave it all up for me and rose to be with your father and prepare a place for me. SELAH

Remember, he is always faithful. May we walk as Christ being imitators of God. Not living for ourselves but keeping our eyes fixed on things above.

Some people will never know the extent of his mercy, his grace, his love, him personal friendship and paternal relationship.

I pray send someone to love those terrorists and bring them Jesus. I pray change their hearts, fight against Satan, and lead them home.

Maybe the soul is tired because it needs time with God, maybe the heart is tired because it has been fed the wrong things.

This is the truest thing I have read lately Maybe the soul is tired because all it needs is more time with the Lord. Maybe the heart is tired because it has been fed with all the wrong things.

Vulnerability is not winning or losing: It's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness: It's our greatest measure of courage.

It’s not easy to fillet yourself wide open and admit what you really want. that deep desire you hold tight to your heart for fear it will be discovered. Say that one out loud to the right person and see what happens to your life.

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In the movies and fairytales of old it is often said that to be courageous you must be fearless but the truth is true courage comes from conquering ones fear.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom, January 8, 2014 | thesassylife

Wednesday Words of Wisdom, January 8, 2014

Letting go doesn't mean that person is no longer in your life--it means--you simply don't care what he/she thinks of you any longer. AND you have quit letting he/she take away from your happiness.That was my happiest moment!