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I love this so much. Jesus understands the struggles that we go through in our daily lives because He experienced them as well.

Even though humans have forgotten you and torn you apart, God will never leave you! Love remains at the end of everything, love remains. And God is love.

Treat what is actually divine as divine. Material things and materialistic people are not divine. Love, the earth, honor, air, laughter, soul, children, trees, happiness, spirit, that is divine and should be cherished. ~nb

This is what a real relationship is.too bad that it's on the brink of extinction!

God..so true it is a deep personal relationship with God..we must talk to him daily, seek his will for us in what we are lacking daily, and let go have FAITH and give it to him..and rejoice and Praise him in the fact that he is our Father and always with us all we need to do is seek him he is there waiting. It is a beautiful peaceful feeling to have God with you at all times. Thank you my Heavenly Father ❤

I see this so much now a days and it is a struggle we have to fight in ourselves. Don't seek God when you want something or when things are tough and you long for deliverance. Seek God at all times.


I met God who slowly, painfully & divinely pieced me back together. thank God

With Jesus you will make it to Victory

Thank you Jesus for this message. I dont believe it came by accident. It came at your perfect timing. By the blood and stripes of Jesus I believe my loved one is healed Praise the Lord

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I needed this today.praying for several people that seem to me, "impossible cases". But God has done works in the lives of so many other people; and so I keep praying.