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"Too Good-Looking" (Daily Odd Compliment)


Daily Odd Compliment: Hanging out with you is more fun than playing with a coloring menu at a restaurant. And sometimes those menus have a maze

The Daily Odd Compliment. I think I find these funnier than they actually are..hahaha

I would walk barefoot on a bed of hot coals to prove my love for you. And then I'd walk barefoot on some legos, incase you were a bit skeptical on the hotness of those coals.

@Heather Creswell Creswell Creswell Jones I may fail some days, but trust that I have at least thought about it five times, if the actual annoyance has not been instigated. :D

I know this is supposed to be a flirty compliment, but i kinda mean it different. This would go out to my destiny and everyone who exists on the roads between me and my purposes. It's the threat of tenacity.

Daily Odd Compliment : Photo

Hahahah yes. My wool socks are the only thing that gets me through the winter.

Unless it's a brick house that is being referred to...

Daily Odd Compliment: You're cute. Not like when someone says, "Oh, that's such a cute house." That house is not cute.