Laundry Day

Nice idea to run the clothesline from the house itself, just outside the laundry room.

Hanging Chairs Used For Closet Storage--don't know what I'd ever use this for, but I think it's really clever.

Hanging chairs used for closet storage. We could use this for the laundry room! Even just one chair would provide enough space for drying clothes and a little extra storage shelf.

My inner landscape

The Ultimate test that you've picked a great place to live.the Sniff Test.your laundry smells like sunshine.

Was just wishing the other day that I had a clothes line. Now one with mountains in the background in this place would be a dream come true!

laundry drying in the summer breeze. I've always wanted a clothes line. I actually LIKE hanging clothes outside to dry in the sun.


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Laundry Cart

Lovely aprons on the clothesline.and a nice idea for a stand to hold the laundry basket within easy reach.